About Us

In everyday life Upper Echelon refers to having the highest level of worthiness and achievement. Upper Echelon WRLD Clothing is a streetwear brand that not only exemplifies an Upper Echelon lifestyle but influences the ability to live it & wear it through one of a kind statement pieces. 


   Born out of a lifelong passion for fashion and the aspiration to establish a clothing brand, Lonzo Hennessy (24) from Macon, GA founded Upper Echelon WRLD Clothing on October 16th, 2019. The brand's core mission is to inspire its supporters to recognize their true value, strive for excellence, and always hold themselves in the highest regard. In its initial years, the business faced challenges, with modest revenue and profitability. During this period, the owner simultaneously worked as an employee at various establishments. However, by the end of 2021, the company experienced a remarkable turnaround in revenue, prompting the owner to commit full-time to the business. Over the years, Upper Echelon WRLD Clothing has garnered significant traction. The company's sales have steadily increased year after year, reflecting its growing popularity and customer base. Despite encountering occasional setbacks, the business has persevered.